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Three Real-Life Runaway Brides

<b>Three Real-Life Runaway Brides</b><br><br><img alt="" src="" height="300" width="300"/> We promise, it's not whatyou're thinking! These three women ran, not walked all the wayto the altar. Read on to hear about the different ways theyincorporated fitness into their special day.<br><br>1. Allegra Frolow: &quot;At the end of ourwedding, I changed from my wedding dress into a white sundress andrunning shoes. My husband changed from his tux into a black runningoutfit and shoes. We made our exit by running out through thetunnel of guests throwing lavender,&quot; Frolow says.<br><br>&quot;Since it was summer in Texas, we only ran far enough to getout of sight. Then, we took a break waiting for our ride to pick usup and take us to the state capitol, where we put our weddingclothes back on to take pictures.It turned outperfectly. People still tell us how cute our exit was. Iwouldn't change a thing!&quot;<br><br>RELATED: 10 Stylish Alternatives To Wedding Veils<br><br>2. Katie Ingram: &quot;We got married in asurprise ceremony on New Year's Eve. The next morning my newhusband and I ran a 5K and then hosted a brunch for everyone. Ieven had special 'Just Married' technical tees made for the5K!&quot;<br><br>&quot;I have absolutely no idea what our chip time was—I didn'twear my Garmin and I don't really care.What matters ishow we rang in the New Year and our marriage—being outside,running, with friends. Our life!&quot;<br><br>RELATED: The Best Honeymoons For Active Couples<br><br>3. Wendy Bazilian: While California couple Wendyand Jason Bazilian had a fit beginning—they met as camp counselorsand bonded as swim instructors—they opted for a beautiful,traditional wedding on the beach. But when they renewed their vowsthis year, they decided the Las Vegas &quot;Strip at Night&quot;half marathon would be the perfect way to do it. &quot;We alwaysaim for a ‘well-lived day,’&quot; Bazilian says. “Working togetherto achieve a goal like running a half marathon takes commitment andwork, just like a marriage.The renewal is icing on thecake—without the extra calories!&quot;<br><br>&quot;Every year since our marriage, we’ve celebrated the ChineseNew Year by sending a card with a ‘jump’ pic of us together—a photoof us in mid-air somewhere in the world,&quot; Bazilian says.&quot;This symbol of our love and our love for being active hasbecome our trademark.&quot;<br><br>More on SHAPE:<br>The Shape Of Your Sex Life: The Naked Truth<br>What I Wish I Knew Before Our Wedding Day<br>Have a Healthy Bachelorette Party: Six New Ideas

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Sex Advice From Emily Mortimer

<b>Sex Advice From Emily Mortimer</b><br><br><img src="" alt="" width="400" height="266"/> Our IdiotBrotheropens this weekend. Emily Mortimer (MatchPoint, Shutter Island) plays the rich, uptight sisterto Paul Rudd’s stoned goofball. We sat down with Emily and talkedto her about crushes and tipsy courtship.<br><br>Who's better in bed, British people orAmericans?<p>That's a very difficult question to answer. But my husbandis the best in bed in the world, and he's American. So I guesstherefore American.</p>I'm sure that will please a lot of our readers.So let's get to some questions.&quot;I have a hard time meetingpeople without alcohol. It's kind of hard to pick someone upwithout alcohol, wouldn’t youagree?&quot;<br>That's the English way of doing things! It's much easier. Imean, I never dated in America, so I never had to deal with thatweird stuff that you guys get up to. But in England it was veryeasy — you would just get really drunk, and get off with someone inthe back of the taxi. It was not a negotiation. In England you justhang out with a lot of friends and get very hammered and end upsnogging somebody in the taxi on the way home.<br><p>What drink do you send to EmilyMortimer?<br>At a pub? Oh, it's been so long since I've been to a pub.It's so sad. I would have a say a gin and ginger ale. Or a pintof lager, and a whiskey chaser.</p><p>&quot;I keep meeting beautiful and talented women in myoffice. Most people frown on dating at work, but to me it justmakes sense; we have similar goals, similar interests and so on.Should I just take the plunge?&quot;<br>Oh, yeah. Date wherever you can. Life is hard enough withoutnarrowing your options about where you can meet people. Why not? Tome that seems much easier than going on some date with someoneyou've never met before and hoping for the best.</p><p>You met your husband on a movie set. Who picked upwhom?<br>I invited him back to my flat, after we'd been to a Russianwedding together. I was giving a reading at this wedding, becauseI'd studied Russian in University. I had some Russian friendswho were getting married in London, and he had asked me out forthat night, but I told him about this wedding.</p><p>So he invited himself along and he held my hand in the wedding,and then went to the pub and got drunk, and then I asked him if hewanted to come back to my flat, which in England is what you do. Itdoesn't necessarily mean you want to sleep with someone. Butapparently in America that means you're going to sleep withthem. So he came back, lucky him, and started to kiss me, and Isaid, &quot;Oh, I'm not sure about this, I just broke up withsomeone,&quot; which he thought was weird of me, because I had donethe inviting. So then he said to me, &quot;Don't worry, I'mnot going to fall in love with you.&quot; At which point I took offall my clothes.</p><p>You were like, &quot;Oh, we'll see aboutthat!&quot;<br>&quot;Yes, you bloody are.&quot; That was his pick-up line —&quot;Don't worry, I'm not going to fall in love withyou.&quot; It worked.</p><p>Are actors better in bed?<br>No. I don't think so. Not necessarily.</p><p>I love your English accent. It's a cliché, but hasit ever gotten you laid?<br>Yes! I think it helped me with my husband. I think he was a totalsnob about my accent. I think he was into me for all the wrongreasons, basically. And now he's stuck with me.</p><p>I'm very proper and prim, so guys tend to cast me ina friends-only, hands-off mode. How do I get them to make a move onme?<br>Stop being so prim! You've answered your own question.</p><p></p><p>More stories:</p><p>True stories: Why I Cheat onEveryone</p><p>Hollywood Producers Say BritishActresses Are Too Uptight to Be Sexy</p><p>True Stories: The 21-Year-Old andMe</p><p>Miss Information: I fell for anolder woman. How can I convince her I'mserious?</p>

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Can What Attracts You to a Guy be a Turnoff in the Long Run

<b>Can What Attracts You to a Guy be a Turnoff in the Long Run </b><br><br>It was thrilling in the beginning ... what happened?<br>-Emily Southwood,<p> <img title="An unhappy couple" src="" alt="An unhappy couple" width="400" height="410"/> <p class="legend">An unhappy couple</p> </p><p>When I met my guy over seven years ago, our relationshipblossomed on the ruddy seats of a 92 Dodge Shadow. Yes, to those ofyou already going there—we had our fair share of Titanic-esk makeouts. But more importantly, it was the place where we reallydivulged ourselves to each other. We talked for hours on end,idling on the curb outside my apartment in the dead of Montrealwinter (sorry, environment). And sometimes, didn’t talk—just drovein the comfortable silence that has always existed between us.</p><p>One of the things that attracted me immediately to mynow-husband, is the way he drove. He was, and is, a confidentdriver—alert, agile, and fast. As someone who drives the oppositeway—with zero-to-no spatial awareness, tentatively as aninety-five-year-old Asian woman, and always the speed limit—thiswas impressive to me.</p><p>I was completely taken with the way he would whisk me away fromeverything in my life. My chatty brain seemed to shut off when hewas behind the wheel. We spent weekends driving to the country,gliding effortlessly over black ice in winter and parting sheets ofspring rain. By summer, we were in it for the long haul. The DodgeShadow, sadly, didn’t make it. It was stolen. I know—who stealsa 1992 Shadow? One with a trunk full of rank hockey equipment, toboot. As for us, three years later we said, “I do.”</p><p>Flash forward to our present, LA existence, and I’ve become whatI swore never to be—the woman on the 101 Freeway slamming animaginary break pedal in the passenger seat. It’s hard to sayexactly when I turned from the gal gazing out the window and takingin the breeze, to this. But the transformation is complete.</p><p>So what’s the deal? Do I take our lives more seriously now thatwe’re married? Or as I like to remind my man—careful, babe, mybabies are in your balls. Am I turning into an old fuddy duddy inmy thirties? Or worse: a nag? My husband’s speed and agility usedto make me feel both thrilled and safe. Now I’m mostly the former,and not in the Michael Jackson, dance-your-ass-off way. Whatgives?</p><p>The logical answer seems to be that I’m dangerously close tofull-fledged, controlling, A-type, wife behavior. The kind ofconduct, which when witnessed in other marriages, once made me wantto don a habbit and run for a nunnery. I sure wouldn’t like hubbycommenting on the way I do things. So that part of me says: chill,woman. He’s behind the wheel, not you. The end.</p><p>But the other part of me, the paranoid freak clutching thearmrest while he pulls u-turns and crosses five lanes of traffic in2.5 second, is also considering her safety. My condition issomewhat exacerbated by my mild fear of cars. Let’s just say I’vealways found the fact that we zoom at high speeds, in metal tins,mere feet from each other, a bit insane. I should probably considerdosing up on Xanex before road trips. Hubby would likely secondthat motion.</p><p>Unfortunately for my man, the two rather sizable citations he’sreceived on our travels this summer have sorely influenced my backseat driving. To be fair to him, on the second occasion we werespeeding to a wedding ceremony in the countryside because I’dforgotten how inept I am with a curling iron. I was trying toachieve beachy, Kate Hudson waves. Oopsie, mybad.</p><p>And so it is, that here we are, stuck in this clichéd husbandand wife routine. Odd, when hubby’s oh-so brisk driving helpeddeliver us here in the first place. I wonder what it says about me?I’m sure there’s a whole analysis somewhere, which explains how Ihave a complex for a bad boy-meets-protector type. I’ll have toschedule a meeting with my psychoanalyst.</p><p>In the meantime, I’ll be trying to argue my husband out of hisnew, genius idea for a second vehicle— a motorcycle.</p><p>Emily Southwood is working on a memoir called Prude andblogs at She lives in LosAngeles with her husband. Emily is the author of the &quot;I Married a Pornographer&quot; series onBettyConfidential.</p><p>More from</p>The Best Moments of the 2011 VMAs!Best Looks from the VMAs!Is Nicki Minaj Ripping Off Gaga?

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Dating Quiz Are You A Good Girlfriend

<b>Dating Quiz Are You A Good Girlfriend </b><br><br>Want a friend on the inside?Addus on Facebookto always stay in touch.<br><br> <img alt="" src="" width="203" height="151"/> <br><br>Being in a relationship comes with great rewards and women tend toquickly get wrapped up in the excitement of being with someone. Youmay think you're a good girlfriend but are you compromising thehealth of your relationship by trying hard toappease your boyfriend? Take the quiz below to find out!<br><br>Fashion Quiz: Which Coast is Your PersonalStyle?<br><br>1. You come home from work and your boyfriend asks whatyou'd like for dinner. You respond?<br>a. &quot;I've been craving Indian. You got a hankering foranything?&quot;<br>b. &quot;What do you want? I can make a pot roast or something ifyou want.&quot;<br>c. &quot;I already ate.&quot;<br><br>2. What is the last gift you gave yourboyfriend?<br>a. A sweater for your anniversary.<br>b. A Wii Direct Connect console &quot;just because he's sosweet.&quot;<br>c. You gave him a piece of gum the other night. Does thatcount?<br><br>3. Your boyfriend has come down with a nasty bug. Whatdo you do?<br>a. Drop off some cans of soup and three Judd Apatow DVDs.<br>b. Cancel your weekend plans and spend Saturday making bouillon,fluffing pillows and running to the pharmacy.<br>c. Offer him a quick apology and tell him to call you when he'sfeeling better.<br><br>Shopping Quiz: Are You a Brand Snob?<br><br>4. Saturday night has been declared a &quot;Boy's Night.&quot; Soyou…<br>a. Go through with the plans for dinner with your girlfriends youhad anyway.<br>b. Stay around the house so you can hang out as soon as he getsback in.<br>c. Have a &quot;Girl's Night&quot; and accidentally go homewith another guy's phone number… Not that you'llcall...<br><br>5. When your friends hear your boyfriend's comingout too, they<br>a. Are happy to have him out. Is he bringing his friends? Winkwink...<br>b. Had already assumed he'd be in tow. You two are a packagenow.<br>c. Are shocked to hear you're in a relationship. Everyoneassumed you were single.<br><br>6. Your parents are in town and they want to meet yourboyfriend. You reply,<br>a. &quot;Sure! We'll get dinner Saturday night but then Sundaylunch is family only!&quot;<br>b. &quot;Absolutely! We'll spend the entire weekendtogether!&quot;<br>c. &quot;No, we just started seeing each other… Six monthsago.&quot;<br><br>Sex Quiz: Are You Sexy or Slutty?<br><br>7. You bought a dress that you love and your guy hates.You react…<br>a. With a shrug. You like it nonetheless.<br>b. Return it immediately.<br>c. With a longwinded speech about how you refuse to change forhim.<br><br>What Women Do Wrong, Ways To Assure He'll Break Up WithYou<br><br>Mostly A's – Golden GirlGirlfriend<br>You are a great girlfriend and it's not because you'redoting or passive towards your boyfriend. Rather, you havepreserved the pieces of your independence that initially drew yourboyfriend to you. While you're capable and comfortable being onyour own, you are open with your boyfriend and can let him inemotionally. You have found a healthy balance between beingtogether and being yourself. You recognize when your boyfriendneeds your time, attention and affection but you also realize (andact upon) the times you need your personal time.<br><br>Mostly B's – Hyper-AccommodatingGirlfriend<br>Being a good girlfriend is not at all about giving up your ownlife, interests and friends. Women often allow relationships totake priority over everything else in their life whereas mendon't necessarily feel the same way. Remember you don'tneed to drop everything because your boyfriend is now free or puthis needs before yours. You may think you're being a goodgirlfriend and being generous with your time, but that's not ahealthy approach to your relationship.<br><br>Mostly C's – Are-You-Even-in-a-RelationshipGirlfriend?<br>Your girlfriends are often shocked to learn you're in arelationship. No one has met your boyfriend. You flirt like crazywith guys at a bar. You go MIA for days simply because you hadother parts of your life occupying your time. It's fine to haveyour life independent of your boyfriend, but at the same time, hefeels a little forgotten when you go out with your friends andignore his needs. If you're enjoying your set up as is, maybeyou should reconsider whether or not you want to be in an exclusiveor committed relationship.<br><br><p>More FromStyleCaster:</p><ul type="disc">IMG Models And The New Faces To Watch For Fashion Week<br><br>TheFashion Girl's Guide To Today<br><br>MK and Ashley Olsen Design Denim and Know How toParty<br><br>Kirsten Dunst Gets Wacky For Boy. By Band OfOutsiders<ul type="disc">UrbanOutfitters Gets Hitched<br><br><p>Follow us onTwitterandFacebook!Anddownload theStyleCasterDaily Looks Widget!</p><p>Get StyleCaster on-the-go with our ALLNEWiPhoneApp</p>

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A user asks Who Pays for a Second Wedding

<b>A user asks Who Pays for a Second Wedding </b><br><br><br>My daughter's first marriage ended in divorce due to infidelityon her ex-husband's part. She is now in another relationshipwith a very nice young man. They are getting serious.<p>When my daughter does decide to get married for the second time,who pays for this wedding? My husband and I paid for her firstmarriage to the tune of $12,000. We feel she should have a moreintimate wedding the second time around and that she shouldpay.</p>Who Pays for a Second Wedding?<br><br><br><br>Visit here to get some more relationshipadvice:<br><br>&gt;&gt; Top 7 Mistakes Girls Make WithGuys<p>&gt;&gt; Top 13 Magical Things To Do In ARelationship</p>&gt;&gt; Does He Really LoveMe?<br><br>&gt;&gt; 10 Ways To Make A Guy Feel Special<br><br><br><p>&gt;&gt;5 Signs That He Won’t Marry You</p><p>&gt;&gt; What Do Men Like To Hear</p><p>&gt;&gt; Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat</p>&gt;&gt; Top 5 Steps To Rejuvenate Your LoveLife<p><br></p>

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